Photos & videos

Below you'll find links to pics from our vibrant and colourful pantomimes and ground-breaking musical shows, a few of us letting our hair down away from the limelight, and even some from just after they invented the camera.


2022: Wizard Of Oz – The Pantomime

2020: Robin Hood and the Dame Of Thrones

2019: Beauty The Pantomime

2018: Rapunzel

2017: Peter Pantomime

2016: Snow Queen – The Pantomime

2015: Willy Wonka – The Pantomime

2014: The Little Mermaid

2013: Puss In Boots

2012: Wizard of Oz – The Pantomime

2011: Mother Goose

2010: Jack and the Beanstalk

Our original musical shows

2018: Fat! So? by Alexsia Louca, Emma Houldershaw & Sam Cartwright

2017: John White by Sam Cartwright

2016: That's Life by The Warren

2015: Magical Musicals by The Warren

2014: Clue The Music by Sam Cartwright & Emma Houldershaw

2013: Musicality by The Warren

2012: Flame by Lynne Tyson

2011: Don't Stop the Music by Shakil Hussain & Emma Houldershaw

2010: Pub Life by Sam Cartwright


New for 2011 – our video section!

Off-stage fun

October 2014: Our 65th anniversary celebration

October 2009: Our 60th Diamond Jubilee celebration

Joyce Hutchins: Pictures from our former Life President's 90th birthday and from her Warren retirement celebration.

Way back when...

Early days: We go back a long way – here's a selection of photos from the 50s to the 90s.

Our noughtie shows: A selection of photos from our pantos and shows since 2000.